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Pricing Options

Rates are as follows:

$60 per hour

$75 per hour (weekends & holidays)

$900 per 15-hour package; ask me how you can SAVE $100 …

Rates are billed in per hour increments.  When your needs are unique, during the Initial Consultation we can identify, plan for, and price a package to fit your individual requirements.  Your plan and pricing will be discussed prior to the start of service.

Home      Garage      Office

Work together and develop a feasible plan for your home.

Visualize your space(s) to see how you would like to live in it.

Organize to free up and identify useable space.

Offer helpful tools to maintain your home.

Identify items for resale or disposal.

Process items for recycle, repurpose or release.

Remember placement is important and

“Freeing Up Spaces to Enjoy Life is even better!

Gift Certificates


A gift certificate from Organizing Tampa Bay is a great way to show someone you care.  Imagine giving the gift of organizing to a friend, family member or co-worker to use when moving, down-sizing, or sprucing up a room.


See our list of options below:


3 hours prepaid $180

6 hours prepaid $360

9 hours prepaid $540


Service Conditions

All services are booked by appointment only.

Additional mileage charges may apply.

Minimum Organizing Session is 3 hours.

Organizing services performed after hours (6:00pm), holidays and weekends

may incur additional cost.

All payments are due at time of service rendered.

Earn Free Hours

Refer family, friend or associates to earn a

FREE hour added to your current package.  Our Client Referrals can earn you up to 3 free hours per year.  Your free hour is added to your current service package.  Once your referral has made payment in full you will receive

your additional hour.*

*Valid up to 60 days from date of issue.

Company Values


We are committed to our Clients

We are committed to Quality Performance

We are committed to Positive Thinking

We are committed to Confidentiality

We are committed to Changing Environments

 Organization that works for you!

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